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Why Creative Arts are So Important in Schools

There are no other subjects within the curriculum offering the kind of creative exposure that subjects like music, art and drama do; which is what makes them so important to both a school and the pupils within it.

As well as boosting pupils’ brain power, confidence, social skills and their academic achievements in other subjects, each individual creative art has a whole heap of benefits…


Music is seen as a powerful form of communication, which can be vital to those pupils who struggle to break down communication barriers verbally. It allows them to express themselves in a way that no other subject or language could, ensuring they dig deep into their emotions and be descriptive of their moods and feelings.

Music is also known to improve pupil’s memory, language and reading skills, as it allows their brains to develop faster.

We always ensure our pupils can express themselves through music which is why our annual Music Festival is loved by many throughout the Junior and Senior school. We also have successful choirs in both of the schools and an annual carol service in Manchester near Christmas time, which is always a festive favourite for both pupils and parents alike!

Art & Design

The creativity that flows through art and design classes is what makes these lessons such an important lesson for our pupils. There is no ‘right or wrong’ when it comes to art, which is what makes this lesson so powerful for pupils to express themselves freely.

Through the use of visual imagery like sculptures and paintings, art students are also more likely to understand the concept of cultural diversity and therefore art history too.  Students are also able to work with a whole range of materials that may be essential to them moving forward in life, as they explore their chosen careers further.

Drama & Dance

Drama and dance give pupils the opportunity to step away from the current day and become somebody else for a while, which in turn helps them make sense of the world with their own imagination and feeling.

With dance, pupils are able to move freely and grasp a general body awareness, as well as improve their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Drama has a strong presence throughout our school, with our younger pupils getting their first taste of performance during dancing, drama and an expressive arts week. Our annual school show is also a big highlight for many as cast and crew throughout the school combine to produce a vibrant youth theatre.

This year, our school show is Beauty and the Beast, taking place this month (March 2020). Tickets are available to buy now and we would love you to be there to support us and our fantastic creative arts teams as they come together to put on a showstopper.