Our School

Seniors (ages 11-16)

The pastoral structure is crucial to the support given to our pupils. The form tutor is the first point of call for parents and pupils and each year group has a dedicated head of year supported by a director of pastoral care and a deputy principal.

We have small forms allowing us to know our pupils well and to give individual care. We are able to respond quickly to issues and are very supportive in our approach. There is close communication with parents and our pupils are nurtured in a caring environment.

We have a school counsellor and school nurse who augment the pastoral care and the support on offer. We have a peer mentor and anti bullying programme, reinforced in assemblies and through our PSHE course. We also have Tootoot where students can discuss their problems and receive immediate support.

There is support for transition from Key Stage 2 where we hold an induction day in June, an introduction day in September for only year 7 as well as a bonding activity such as climbing or Jump Nation.

We tailor the curriculum to individual needs and circumstance.  For example, some year 8&9 students have Learning Support in place of a second foreign language.  We ensure that the most able students are fully challenged by their academic work, for example through Separate Science GCSE for the higher sets.   Some students take fewer GCSEs where this is advantageous to the individual student.  And in the planning of lessons, the aptitudes, needs and prior attainments of pupils are taken into account.  A full description of our curriculum can be found in our Curriculum policy.