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Keeping Safe Throughout Autumn

Remember, remember the 5th November they say, and we’re sure that this year’s bonfire night will be one to never forget after the unprecedented year we have had. With the prospect of attending public bonfires or making a big celebration of bonfire night dimming, we wanted to highlight how important it still is to keep safe during this period.

Bonfire Night

If you’re still looking to celebrate bonfire night at home, there are some very important safety tips to follow.

Firstly, make sure that fireworks are conducted in a spacious environment, not near to anything that could cause danger and especially not near children.

Children should never touch, throw, play with or light fireworks and should definitely not try to help out with your firework display either.

If your child is wanting to use a sparkler, make sure they are wearing gloves and for extra precaution, put the end of the sparkler into a carrot and let your child hold the carrot instead. A bucket of water and sand should always be to hand when lighting both fireworks and sparklers to extinguish them fully and safely afterwards.

Road Safety

With autumn comes less daylight hours so for children who walk or cycle to school, now is the time to ensure they are fully equipped with the correct clothing and reflective items to help them stand out amongst traffic.

You should also ensure that you talk to your child about the importance of road safety and following the rules of the road as well as planning a safe route to and from school which you know is well-lit too.

Keeping Healthy

It’s easy to forget with coronavirus still prominent that it is actually flu season too. Whilst going for a walk on those crisp autumn days and running through piles of leaves might sound appealing, it’s more important than ever before that you warm up as soon as you can in order to prevent a chill turning into a cough or a cold.

Ensure your child is wrapped up warm with the appropriate number of layers on for your trip out, but also that your house is warm too for your return.

Make sure to maintain the social distancing guidelines and also keep your child washing their hands as often as possible for 20 seconds each time. This will not only help you fight the flu, but coronavirus too.

Here at school we are doing everything we can to keep our pupils and teaching staff safe during this time.