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How You Can Still Do Your Bit for Volunteering from Home

Last year on Student Volunteering Week we discussed why exactly you should volunteer, and the benefits it can bring to you throughout your life however a lot has changed since. While we may be in another national lockdown, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still volunteer. Here’s how you can volunteer from home and help play your part.

Be There for Someone

Volunteering isn’t always about working for a charity or a club that requires your efforts, simply by being a listening ear to somebody, you are still doing your bit to help. Caring about mental health is always important but with the current lockdown situation, it’s even more important that we check up on those around us.

Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Rainbows and Brownies

The selection of clubs listed above are much loved by many of our pupils however as a result of the pandemic, many are having to run virtually. The fantastic guides who usually run these clubs are now having to juggle operating them as best they can via platforms like zoom. If you are already part of these clubs, why not reach out to your club leader and see how you can help or alternatively, if you are not yet part of these clubs, find your nearest one and get in touch to see how you can help play a part.

Get Crafty

With so much extra time on your hands in the evenings and weekends, now is the perfect time to get your craft on and get creating something. You could learn how to sew and help make fabric face masks or for younger students, you could paint pebbles and rocks and leave them on your walks for other people to find to brighten their day.

Donate to Your Local Food Bank

Many supermarkets are asking for help for the local foodbanks and this can be a really simple, easy way for you to help someone in need right now. By simply adding on a tin or two to your food shop and donating it you are contributing to help those less fortunate who are heavily relying on foodbanks throughout lockdown. Some supermarkets also have lists of items which foodbanks require most which you could tick off as you shop.

We are very proud of our pupils and their good-willed, helpful and caring nature when it comes to volunteering and helping others. Don’t forget to also reach out to your teachers to see if there’s any way you can help with learning or other activities going on whilst homeschooling.