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How to Handle Back-to-School Nerves

It’s completely normal for your child (and you too!) to experience some anxiety or nerves as the return to school approaches. In fact, this year that’s even more likely to be the case as your child has spent an even longer period of time at home than normal.

The transition from one school year to another can be stressful, and this is only heightened if your child is moving schools, moving up in the school i.e. from Junior to Senior or they’re starting in Reception.

To help try and conquer some of these nerves and anxieties, we’ve gathered some of our top tips below. You can also check out our previous blog here all about how you and your child can cope with the first day of school.

Encourage them to Talk

Have an open conversation about what it is that is worrying your child the most. Is it the thought of a new class? A new teacher? Or simply having to spend more time away from you? Whatever the worry may be, it’s very likely that the issue can be solved with a simple conversation. Don’t leave your child to overthink a tiny issue, it will only make things harder in the long run.

Make Them Chat to Friends

If your child won’t have a conversation with you, then try and encourage them to do so with a friend. Even if they don’t actually talk about their feelings, chatting to a friend can be a great distraction as well as help them look forward to returning back to school and being with their friends every day.

Pay Attention to Yourself

Children naturally take on a lot of their parent’s feelings so if you are showing that you are worried or afraid of what’s to come, it’s likely that your child is feeling the same way as a result. The more confidence that you can show, the more likely your child will develop the same attitude. Approach the first morning back to school with lots of positivity and cheer and keep your worries to yourself until the problem is solved.

Focus on the Positives

There are many exciting things about heading back to school like meeting new friends and learning new things. Redirect your child’s worries towards the positives by asking them what they’re looking forward to. Turning the event into a positive one can help mask the worries they first had and make that first day back a lot smoother.

We understand fully that nerves can get the better of children in their first few days at school which is why we do all we can to ensure your child feels as comfortable as possible at our school. Many say that our school is more like a family, and we cannot wait to welcome your child back, or to welcome them to our family for the first time.