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Benefits of Walking to School

Walking to school sets your child’s day off to a good start as it has so many different benefits. We know that walking to school isn’t a possibility for all pupils but for those who live locally to the school we definitely recommend swapping the car for some comfy shoes. Here’s why…

It’s Good for their Health

Naturally, walking to and from school is a fantastic form of exercise and helps children stay active. A simple walk to school a few times a week has been proven to prevent obesity in children as well as reducing the risk of heart disease and other health problems as they get older. Walking to school in the morning can also do wonders for your child’s mental health as it improves their mood and keeps them actively engaged throughout the day.

It’s Good for the Planet

Walking to school isn’t just great for children and parents alike, but for the planet too. By swapping your car for walking, you are instantly reducing your CO2 emissions (and noise pollution too) and doing something good for the environment.

It Helps Children Learn

Walking to school can spark some insightful conversations with children as they take in their environment and ask inquisitive questions about their surroundings. We hold much-loved forest sessions for our Nursery and Infant pupils where they can explore our local forest and learn more about local wildlife too. It will also help them to learn more about road safety; an essential life skill and navigation skills that will help them feel more confident when out and about.

Eliminates Stress

When you choose to walk to school, wave goodbye to those stressful mornings that are only made worse by rush hour traffic. Walking to school is a fun activity the whole family can take part in and after a few mornings, you’ll find yourself waking up ready and refreshed for the day ahead and you’ll wonder why you didn’t walk to school in the first place!

It’s Good for Socialising

Walking to school can make your child feel more independent and in control, regardless whether they walk alone or with friends. If they do choose to walk with friends, this is a great time for them to catch-up and socialise before heading into school. They’ll be more focused in lessons knowing they will get to chat to their friends before and after school too.

This ‘Walk to School’ month see how many days you can walk to school – we’re sure you’ll notice all the benefits too!