Aims and Objectives


  • To provide a school for families who are seeking all-round educational excellence
  • A school which is educationally selective but not socially exclusive
  • To deliver a modern education with traditional values

Aims and Objectives

To foster pupils’ intellectual, social, physical, cultural, emotional, moral and spiritual development, encouraging enjoyment of learning, a spirit of enquiry and the pursuit of excellence within a disciplined and stimulating learning environment.

To promote moral and spiritual values; emphasising integrity, honesty, generosity, respect for other people and the environment, and appreciation of other races, religions and ways of life.

To offer pupils a broad and balanced curriculum and extra-curricular programme, for acquiring knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes in preparation for higher education and the world of employment, service, leisure and citizenship.

To enhance pupils’ self-awareness and self-confidence, enabling them to value their own and others’ efforts and achievements and develop a sense of care and responsibility for the school community and the wider society.