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Aims and Objectives


Academic excellence is only part of our story… A Hulme education is about far more than this; we aim to ensure our children leave as confident and socially adept young people who have enjoyed a broad range of experiences.

We aim to provide a modern education with traditional values for our pupils in an environment which fosters a family atmosphere. We nurture the potential of our pupils by tailoring the education to individual needs.


1. To foster pupils’ intellectual, social, physical, cultural, emotional, moral and spiritual development, encouraging enjoyment of learning, a spirit of enquiry and the pursuit of excellence within a disciplined and stimulating learning environment.

2. To promote moral and spiritual values; emphasising integrity, honesty, generosity, respect for other people and the environment, and appreciation of different ethnicities, religions and ways of life.

3. To offer pupils a broad and balanced curriculum and extra-curricular programme, for acquiring knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes in preparation for higher education and the world of employment, public service, leisure and citizenship.

4. To enhance pupils’ self-awareness and self-confidence, enabling them to value their own and others’ efforts and achievements and develop a sense of care and responsibility for the school community and wider society.