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Many congratulations to Lucy Bowden of Year 13 who has been named Oldham Rotary Club’s Student of the Year!3 weeks ago
I now wish the whole OHGS community a relaxing summer break. Your efforts over the last term have been superb. We will be ready for September.1 month ago
Many thanks to all of our parents for all your support this term, especially with #distancelearning.1 month ago
Congratulations to the pupils and staff for all their efforts over the last term. When our inspectors said in September we were “double excellent” I thought I could not be more proud of them; I was wrong!1 month ago
@fashfutures Please don’t encourage him.1 month ago
Final day of term! Still time to complete some of the online activities before the live assembly at 11am. As is traditional, Mr. Marshall will be dismissing year groups one at a time at the end so behaviour better be good.1 month ago
Activities week to finish the term. Lots of exciting activities for pupils to choose from such as: Escape rooms, Japanese, creative challenges and virtual visits. Final assembly of the academic year is live at 11am on Wednesday.1 month ago
RT @OHGSSPORT1: Sock er shoot out today. Two very English penalty takers. Shades of Chrissy Waddle there from Hurst Junior. Although to be…1 month ago
RT @OHGSMusic: Yesterday's #NameThatTune ukulele chord challenge was indeed 'All That Jazz' from Chicago. Here's today's offering. This son…1 month ago
RT @OHGSPrep: What a privilege it was to meet author @NizRite in Tuesday's assembly. Well done Ibraheem on being a great interviewer too! H…1 month ago
Even I can get this one! month ago
Good Morning. Welcome to Week 12 of #DistanceLearning. Here is today's assembly. months ago
Again... I’m not sure “poorly played and clumsily” are words I’d use to describe this! months ago
Congratulations Anna! months ago
Excellent effort again from Mr Hurst. months ago
Virtual Juniors Sports Day was a great success. Less convinced by the commentating however! Well done to all of the pupils and @OHGSSPORT1 and @OHGSPrep.2 months ago
Has been lovely to see Year 12 on Monday and Tuesday this week and Year 10 have now started to return. Looking forward to welcoming Reception pupils back this morning.2 months ago
Good Morning. Welcome to Week 11 of #DistanceLearning. Here is today's assembly. months ago
Many congratulations Holly and Olivia. Superb effort! months ago
Keep going Holly! months ago
Was pleased to have Year 6 back in school last week. Looking forward to seeing Year 12 on Monday.2 months ago
Clammy and overcast with the threat of rain at any minute. It won’t sunrise you to learn that this evening was supppsed to be Sports Day @OHGSSPORT1.2 months ago
It was good to welcome back some Nursery and Year 1 pupils this morning. Looking forward to seeing some Year 6 pupils tomorrow morning.2 months ago
Week 10 of #distancelearning. Here is this morning's Senior School Assembly. months ago
Congratulations to Year 11 on completing your A Level bridging courses today. I hope you have enjoyed them. You have worked extremely hard and have earned your break. See you in Year 12 in September.2 months ago
Nearly at the end of Week 9 of #distancelearning. I know it’s wet outside but please don’t wear your outdoor coats at your desks!2 months ago
Very good effort again by Mr Hurst. I hope he’s certain that the Year 12 has actually done all this as well! months ago
Looks like it’s going to very exciting. months ago
Lockdown supplies clearly running low in the Hurst household. months ago
At last! By popular demand Mr Hurst’s glass / cans recycling bin features in one of his lockdown videos. @root66 would be impressed. months ago
Well done Holly! months ago
Welcome to Week 9 of #distancelearning. Here is today's Senior School Assembly. months ago
Sorry Mr Hurst. Whilst this is a very sad story the judges can’t accept your account of your run without the evidence. months ago
Have been wondering why we have gone back to traditional Hulme cricket weather and have just worked it out: today is Whit Friday. Please do follow the lights system as it is chip day.2 months ago
Mr Hurst: Does sitting up on a chair count? months ago
These look fantastic. months ago
@OHGSMusic What’s the next level up from “not quite as dreadful” as I think you have under-marked this? months ago
You can do wonders with video editing these days! months ago
I hope everyone had a good half-term break. Here is today's Senior school assembly. months ago
RT @OHGSPrep: Huge congratulations to the 2 winners of our poetry competition - Lois and Maariya. Lois read her poem (Kindness is) 'Life's…3 months ago
Good news. Keep going Freya. We are all thinking of you. months ago
One of the school’s houses is named after Dame Sarah Lees. months ago
Mr Robertson was always an entertainer. months ago
Today has been Thank A Teacher Day. My staff (teaching and non-teaching) have worked incredibly hard over the past 9 weeks to do their best for the young people who attend OHGS. I am very proud of them. Thank you.3 months ago
Just to be clear... today was not a snow day. months ago
Disappointed with @ohgsphysics here. When I clicked on the picture I thought it was going to be a Cadbury’s Flake. months ago
The last batch of our face shields was dropped off today at the school’s local care home. Many thanks again to the staff involved in this effort.3 months ago
Delighted to report that we are nearly at half term and all of our cricket teams have a 100% unbeaten record. This has never happened before. @OHGSSPORT13 months ago
A wheelie good efffort from Mr Hurst today. months ago
One more week until half-term! Keep going everyone. Here is today's assembly. months ago
RT @ohgsphysics: We are investigating static electricity over the next few weeks. There are some great experiments everyone can do at home.…3 months ago
Every time I watch this I worry that Mr Hurst is going to go down those steps into the deep end. months ago
Very well done to all the students who took part in our Virtual VE Day celebrations competition. Looks like Assheton house have come out on top. Mr Chesterton will be delighted.3 months ago
Lovely again to meet lots of deserving students this lunchtime on a google meet. They had been nominated by their staff for excellent lockdown work. Mr Budding is going to need a bigger chocolate cupboard.3 months ago
Another fairground game from Mr Hurst who is clearly missing Blackpool. months ago
Well done @OHGSMusic. I seem to remember @OHGSSPORT1 being filmed running in slow motion to this earlier in the lockdown. months ago
RT @OHGSPrep: We've made #IncredibleEdible Art this afternoon. We saw lots of brilliant work. We particularly liked this one by Anna Wagste…3 months ago
Year 13’s last teaching day on their A Levels. Thank you for all you have contributed to the school over many years. Very best of luck for university and beyond. Remember you may leave the school but you will always be our students. Also remember to keep walking on the left!3 months ago
Well I think this solves the mystery of who was panic buying all the loo rolls. Saturday detention I’m afraid. months ago
These are fantastic. Well done to those who took part. months ago
Here is today's senior school assembly. months ago
HAPPY by OHGS staff. If you weren’t worried before about how we are coping with lockdown, you may be after watching this! months ago
Very well done to the pupils and staff on their efforts with #distancelearning. Now please enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend.3 months ago
RT @OHGSPrep: We've lots of VE Day prep going on today with bunting, model spitfires, window displays & some delicious looking baking. It w…3 months ago
Another excellent idea from Mr Hurst, but this lockdown has really aged him. months ago
Year 11’s last teaching day on their GCSE’s courses. Pleased to report that behaviour has been good (so far) although not paid close attention to their signed shirts. Good luck to all and enjoy your A Level bridging courses.3 months ago
Delighted that yesterday Mr Jones and Mrs Konstantinidou presented on a @GoogleForEdu webinar which went out across Europe on how we are using Google Suite to deliver our #distancelearning.3 months ago
Mr Hurst finding a novel use for school bags which haven’t seen the light of day in 7 weeks. months ago
RT @OHGSPrep: We've had some beautiful work done in CS this afternoon. Mosaic Lighthouses made using polyline tool, shapes, fill, outline &…3 months ago
Very well done Leah. months ago
Mr Cotton and Mrs Read have been making more masks for the NHS today. Thank you to both of them. Also many thanks to @PlasticsDirect for supplying the materials.3 months ago
RT @OHGSPrep: Our Junior School Council have led class assemblies via #Google Meet & Forms this morning to ask classes how they're finding…3 months ago
I’m completely bowled over by Mr Hurst’s offering today! I think he’s got a better chance in this one than in the gymnastics. months ago
I hope you are all keeping active at this time. I've been going for a regular run with my Year 9 daughter. It looks like we are practising social distancing, but I simply can't keep up!3 months ago
Good Morning and welcome to Week 5 of #distancelearning. Here is this morning's assembly. months ago
@OHGSSPORT1 There’s been an appeal to the judges. Final score now confirmed as 11-1 to Mr Hurst’s daughter.3 months ago
Superb effort again from Mr Hurst, but I make this 12-0 to his daughter. months ago
1st May 1895: 48 boys and 29 girls entered the school for the first time on its current site. I am sure they will have walked on the left and observed the 2 metre rule.3 months ago
@seholt_hk Thank you. Please make sure you are in time with the organ in the Main Hall.3 months ago
The school’s history goes back to 1611. However, today our current building is 125 years old. Can I suggest that we all sing Happy Birthday (twice) whilst washing our hands. @HMC_Org3 months ago
Mr Hurst trying to win a massive stuffed toy which he then has to carry round with him for the rest of the day. months ago
Excellent. Do they have to practise social distancing on Mars? months ago
Day 18 of #distancelearning everyone. Well done and keep going - still getting fantastic reports about your efforts from the staff. @OHGSPrep can move to summer uniform now, but not sure you’ll want to!4 months ago
More fantastic #distancelearning work. months ago
Alumna @NicolaWhite28 would approve I’m sure. #distancelearning. Good job she didn’t have to get past a tin of beans in the Olympic final! months ago
More great work. #distancelearning months ago
Excellent #distancelearning work here. Well done. months ago
Good morning and welcome to Day 18 of #distancelearning. This is more like traditional Hulme summer term weather... please do not wear your outdoor coats in your lessons.4 months ago
Clearly too much for Mr Hurst. Today’s workout involves his sofa. months ago
Met another group of deserving students today having been nominated by the teachers for their attitudes to their #distancelearning. Concerned that the teachers are going soft as there’s been no detentions in over 3 school weeks.4 months ago
It’s another formal warning for Mr Hurst for wasting food. That two now... one more and it’s a detention. months ago
Interesting article quoting alumnus @ProfBrianCox about the current crisis inspiring the next generation of scientists and his respect for teachers. months ago
Good Morning. Welcome to Week 4 of #distancelearning. I hope everyone had a good weekend. Here is today's senior school assembly - months ago
Well done on Week 3 everyone!Was lovely to end the week with a google meet with this week’s nominated deserving students in senior school. Have a good weekend. I’m now off for my Swingball lesson.4 months ago
Mr Hurst really not fooling anyone with the “Only the first minute” comment. months ago
Good morning. Day 14 of #distancelearning. Remember to put your hand up if you want the teacher’s attention.4 months ago
Never one to “drop the ball” Mr Hurst! months ago
Beautiful day outside. Disappointed to hear about reports of litter on the field after break. Mr Budding will be get the litter pickers out.4 months ago
RT @ohgsphysics: The Sun is out for Year 7’s scale models of the Solar System!! Some fantastic learning here! #distancelearning #physicsise4 months ago
Here is a link to yesterday morning's senior school assembly. I forgot my gown! months ago

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